FLIR TG267 Wins Electrical Contractor Magazine’s NECA 2019 Showstoppers Award

FLIR is honored to have received the NECA 2019 Showstoppers award for the recently announced FLIR TG267 during this week’s annual NECA electrical conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Electrical Contractor magazine has presented the NECA Showstoppers award for the past 15+ years. The award is designed to highlight new products and services that will help electrical contractors on the job, and of the more than 150 products submitted for the award this year, FLIR is excited to have the FLIR TG267 recognized as one of the final Showstoppers.  

The FLIR TG267 thermal camera for electricians, HVAC/R technicians, building inspectors, and mechanical engineers is a new entry in the FLIR TG series line that offers improved sensitivity and resolution to help professionals dramatically reduce diagnostic time, and begin repairs more quickly.

The versatile and rugged TG267 enables professionals to inspect equipment and identify problems from a safe distance by visualizing the hot and cold spots that can indicate larger issues. FLIR TG267 features a multipoint laser pointer to clearly indicate the area measured, as well as a bright LED flashlight for working in dark, difficult-to-reach spaces. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology allows users to easily upload images and data to a mobile device for sharing and report-generation. The TG267 stores up to 50,000 images that users can play back on the 2.4-inch color display, which is more vibrant and 80-percent larger than earlier models.

The NECA 2019 Showstoppers awards were announced this week in Las Vegas, Nev., and you can learn more about the awards at

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