Troubleshoot Faster and Ensure Accurate Readings with the New FLIR CM72 and CM74 Commercial Clamp Meters

Electrical problems can be difficult to diagnose without a clamp meter that has the right features. Was the issue caused by a failing motor or compressor, is it the power supply, or something in between? That’s hard to tell without a meter that has a VFD Filter (VFD Mode). Did your meter take strange voltage readings when looking for spare wires run in conduit? That’s ghost voltage, and LoZ Mode solves that. FLIR has launched the new FLIR CM72 and CM74 Commercial Clamp Meters for the commercial or industrial electrician who faces these types of modern challenges on the job every day.

The CM72 and the CM74 provide all the measurement capabilities needed for advanced troubleshooting including:

  1. - True RMS AC Current and Voltage
  2. - LoZ / Low Impedance
  3. - Smart Diode with Disable
  4. - VFD Mode (CM74 only)
  5. - Inrush (CM74 only)

The FLIR CM72 and CM74 have a narrow jaw and pocket-friendly design that can access hard-to-reach places, including wiring in crowded cabinets and panels. The clamps are even expandable to 3000A AC and can make the most awkward and obscured measurements easy – using the input for the TA72 & TA74 Flex Clamp Accessories (sold separately). Built-in, high-powered LED worklights guide users to the problem in poor lighting conditions, and readings are clear on the large digit LCD display with bright backlight. It’s FLIR engineering you can have confidence in. 
Find out more about the CM72 and CM74 at

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