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Night Vision Edge in Low Light Conditions

Night Vision Optics generate images by intensifying small amounts of ambient light in dark environments. Night Vision optics capture crisp, realistic details and depth perception that allows comfortable prolonged viewing to navigate cluttered environments. 

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Excels in Minimal Light Conditions

The wide-angle dual-channel night vision goggle system creates an undisputed tactical advantage. Head and helmet mounting options provide hands-free full-field night vision while multi-coated lenses and composite housing stand up to wear and tear.


51° Night Vision Goggles

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Expanded Night Vision for Complete Awareness

With a wide field of view, night vision offers enhanced situational awareness without moving the optic. Head, helmet, and weapon mounting options allow hands-free operation while a built-in IR illuminator and flood lens improve vision in complete darkness.


51° Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular

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Wide-Angle Advantage Meets Battle-Tested Design

Single-tube night vision system brings a wide field of view to the tough, military-trusted AN/PVS-14 housing. Head and helmet mounting promote hands-free operation while a maximized field of view enhances awareness and minimizes necessary movement. Built-in IR illuminator allows clear, covert vision in complete darkness.

FLIR PVS-14-51

51° Night Vision Monocular

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