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Compact Laser Illuminator Pointer Near Infrared

Designed for demanding Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) requirements, CLIP™ NIR is a military-qualified 830 nm NIR illuminator and pointer incorporating advanced (patent pending) illumination technology. Its optical design produces better performance over temperature, and features three operating modes: pointer only, illuminator only, and a unique combination mode that places a bright point in the center of the illuminated scene. CLIP NIR is mil-spec and features a standard rail mount and compliant safety interlocks.


Miniature Laser Pointer

Miniature Laser Pointer (MLP) is useful for marking objects from long distances, and is compatible with all generations of night vision goggles. The ultralow weight of the FLIR MLP enables its use in small vehicles and in handheld applications. The timing sequence has multiple patterns available for user/OEM flexibility. User-defined patterns and ramping/flashing are also allowed.