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Pan/Tilt Software Development Kit

FLIR MCS pan-tilts are designed for high-performance control with low-latency and jitter and high command rates. There are multiple ways to control the units. FLIR MCS pan-tilts support both a simple ASCII command protocol, documented in the E Series Command Reference Manual as well as a binary form of the commands, supported by a portable C language library (PTU-SDK). The PTU-SDK is provided as source code and can be compiled on any computing platform. It allows applications to send commands to the pan-tilt over serial or Ethernet interfaces seamlessly.

PTU-5 Side Mount Payload Bracket

Side-mounting payload bracket for the PTU-5 pan tilt. Up to 3 lb capacity per side, 6 lb total with two side brackets. Side bracket use requires removal of the PTU-5 top bracket. (Side and top brackets cannot be used together at the same time.)

PTU-5 Main Breakout Cable

Interface cable to AC power and host computer. Available in 3', 10' 25' or 50'.

Converter cable, USB to RS-485.

Compatible with all PTU models.

DCJ Controller

A rugged joystick for direct control of the PTU with no computer required. The PT-DCJ provides proportional joystick control and other inputs via a 25' connection cable.

North American AC/DC Power Supply for PTU-5 & E46

North American power supply for PTU-5 and E46 pan/tilt units

North American Power Supply for D48E/D100E/D300E 30V DC

Power supply for D48E/D100E/D300E PTUs. Available in 110V and 220V versions.

PTU Cable Harness, Breakout, D48E/D100E/D300E

PTU Cable Harness for the D48E/D100E/D300E.

Available in 10', 25', 50' and 100'.

PTU-5 Main Breakout Cable, 10 ft.

PTU-5 interface cable to AC power and host computer, 10-ft length.

PTU-5 Main Breakout Cable, 25ft.

Interface cable to AC power and host computer, 25-ft length.

PTU-5 Main Breakout Cable, 50ft.

Interface cable to AC power and host computer, 50-ft length.