FLIR Launches PTU-5: A Compact, Lightweight Pan-Tilt Unit

FLIR today launched the PTU-5, a lightweight, easy-to-integrate pan/tilt solution for OEM integrators.

Standing only six inches tall when fully integrated, the new FLIR PTU-5 can hold up to five pounds on its top bracket.. The PTU-5 uses absolute encoders on each of the drive axes to provide accuracy. 

Fully sealed and weather-proof rated to IP67, the PTU-5 can be used anywhere, even outdoors. By eliminating the separate controller box, and including a unique ability to home the axes without returning to zero, the PTU-5 is easy to set-up and has a fast start-up sequence. PTU-5 gives integrators all the features and capabilities they’ve been looking for in a small, light unit. 

For more information on the the PTU-5, go here. 

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