FLIR’s Thermal Solar Eclipse 2017: ‘Totality’ Awesome

There’s nothing our FLIR team loves more than a science experiment, and as The World’s Sixth Sense, we were on a mission to see what capturing this year’s total solar eclipse in infrared would look like. Not only that, but we traveled to Casper, Wyoming to see our friend Craig Beals from FLIR’s YouTube series, Invisible Labs, to see the eclipse in 100% totality. Needless to say, ‘The Great American Eclipse’ was 100% awesome in infrared and mission accomplished: we totality got the shot!

If you didn’t catch us on Monday, here’s what you missed:

We used a FLIR A8303 Thermal Imaging Camera to capture the eclipse footage from Casper with 2015 Montana Teacher of the Year, Craig Beals! Check out the live stream here:

Craig Beals joined Q2 News’ Ed McIntosh for live coverage from Casper, and Craig broke down the science of it all, watch here:

Meanwhile, in FLIR’s home-state, Dr. Austin Richards from FLIR captured the solar eclipse from Madras, Oregon using a FLIR SC8300 Thermal Imaging Camera with a focal length of 1152mm and filtered to 3.95 microns. Check out the time-lapse video here:

And in Corvallis, Ore., FLIR had a crew set up with a FLIR 380-HD Surveillance Airborne System.

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