FLIR MUVE C360 Protects First Responders From a Wide Range of Hazards

First responders on a site after an accident or potential gas leak face a multitude of dangers. Is the air safe to breath? Are gasses on-scene creating the threat of an imminent explosion? Sending in an unmanned gas detector helps eliminate the risk to emergency responders, industrial safety officers, and environmental monitoring experts on the scene. The FLIR MUVE™C360 is a multi-gas detector that integrates with an unmanned aerial system (UAS) or other platform to provide real-time continuous monitoring for a variety of applications: 

Oil and Gas Leaks

The storage and transportation of highly combustible liquids and gases in the oil and gas industry presents a constant risk to workers and the environment. A spill or a leak not only carries the risk of contaminating the surrounding environment and air, but could result in a potentially catastrophic explosion. The Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) detector on the C360 alerts operators if there is a high enough concentration of explosive vapors on the scene to pose a threat.

Hazmat Response

Environmental and man-made releases of hazardous materials can occur anywhere, anytime. The C360 includes sensors to detect CO, Cl2, O2, NO2, H2S, and SO2, and can explore an area first and alert responders in real time when harmful CBRNE substances are present, avoiding unnecessary exposure.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Exposure to industrial or household pollutants, especially in a poorly ventilated area, can cause significant health effects, including sick building syndrome (SBS) caused by the offgassing of certain types of building materials, mold, industrial chemicals, or other hazards. The MUVE C360 includes a photoionization detector (PID) for detecting VOCs.


Many of the dangers encountered when fighting a fire are obvious. But hazards like toxic gases both during and after a fire are often invisible and may go overlooked—in particular, after a fire has been put out, the scene may still be contaminated with toxins like carbon monoxide (CO). Without a gas detector there’s no way to determine if the air in the cold zone is safe to breathe, and the MUVE C360 can check the area without requiring a firefighter to suit up and survey the scene manually.

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