Oryx Camera Resources

Information Where to Find
Datasheet Document Package (find your model link below)
Specifications | Frame Rate & ROI Table |
Pixel Formats
Camera Reference (find your model link below)
EMVA Imaging Performance Specifications Camera Reference (find your model link below)
Sensor Review Machine Vision Camera Sensor Review
3D CAD Models | Drawings ORX Small CAD Models | ORX-10G Standard CAD Models | ORX Large CAD Models
Accessories Product Page (find your model link below)
Lens Calculator Lens Calculator
Quick Start Guide to install camera and software ORX Getting Started Manual
Installation instructions | Camera Controls |
Firmware Updating | Hardware Mechanical Characteristics
ORX Installation Guide
Spinnaker Software Development Kit Download Spinnaker SDK
C++ Programmer's Guide
(C# / C Guide included in SDK download)
Spinnaker Programmer's Guide
Using the SpinView app Getting Started with SpinView
Spinnaker API sample code Spinnaker Examples
Application specific sample code Teledyne-MV GitHub repo
Feature definitions Camera Reference (find your model link below)
Knowledge Base articles ORX support page
Firmware downloads ORX support page downloads
Firmware release notes Camera Reference (find your model link below)
Contact Sales or Support Contact a Machine Vision Specialist
Participate in the Support Forum Machine Vision Community Forum
Request return or repair Submit RMA
Camera Resources for other models BFS-PGE | BFS-U3 | BFS-Board-level | FFY-S and FFY-DL | FG


Camera  Reference Model Package Product Page
  • Specifications | Frame Rate & ROI Table | Pixel Formats
  • EMVA
  • Mechanical
  • Technical Features
  • Release Notes
  • PDF Documents (including Datasheet)
  • CAD Models
  • Camera Reference

For Firmware go toORX support page downloads

  • Accessories
  • Lenses
scroll down & expand view
Specs | EMVA | Dimensions  | Features
1907.1.10.x ZIP Color / Mono
Specs | EMVA | Dimensions | Features
2306.0.114.x ZIP Color / Mono
Specs | EMVA | Dimensions | Features
1904.0.98.x ZIP Color / Mono
Specs | EMVA | Dimensions | Features
1610.1.402.x ZIP Color / Mono
Specs | EMVA | Dimensions | Features
1610.1.267.x ZIP Color / Mono
Specs | EMVA | Dimensions | Features
2012.0.37.x ZIP Color / Mono
Specs | EMVA | Dimensions | Features
1904.0.72.x ZIP Color / Mono



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