4 Ways United VMS Improves 24/7 Video Access, Tracking, and Health

Few issues are as frustrating for a security manager as when a crime occurs on-site, but the video surveillance clip from the corresponding camera is not available due to a technical or system failure. Dropped frames, extreme buffering, and time-consuming video search are issues that can stem from an inadequate video management system. By deploying a proven, enterprise-class solution like FLIR United VMS, security personnel minimizes these problems. From small municipalities like the city of Lawrence to retail establishments like New Covent Garden Market in London to massive smart cities like Abu Dhabi, United VMS allows security users to experience superior image quality, live streaming, incident reporting, and administration of all video operations.

Customers want flexibility and customization when it comes to video management. United VMS is designed to do just that. A defining characteristic of United VMS is that it offers a family of products comprising Latitude software as well as Horizon and Meridian network video recorders; these all utilize common software so that users can monitor devices within the same interface.

United VMS allows customers to choose the platform that best suits their deployment size, whether it’s recording 24 cameras or 20,000. Infused with the industry’s latest video features, United VMS enables remote viewing, minimizes latency, maximizes bandwidth, and supports advanced third-party integrations. Here are some other advantages of United VMS 9.0.1 that specifically address top video management pain points for customers.


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24/7 Video Access

Not being able to review video when off-site or see live video from other locations is problematic. Crime never sleeps so security personnel must be able to utilize their VMS anytime, from anywhere. United VMS does this by giving users around-the-clock access to system health status, alarms, and video assets using EZ Client for mobile devices.


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Optimized Search

When trying to stop in a crime in progress, every second counts. For this reason, security officers cannot afford to spend hours searching through video to try to locate a suspect or object in question. By using United VMS, customers can leverage the optimized video scene tracking capability and find what they are looking for in minutes, not hours. Faster detection leads to quicker responses and positive outcomes.


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Health Monitoring

Detecting crime isn’t the only issue security directors want to find. A disconnected camera or a malfunctioning hard drive is equally important to identify prior to failure and a device going offline. With the United VMS Health Monitor tool, users proactively monitor the status of cameras, services, servers and the overall video management system. Security personnel receive alerts to any issues before downtime occurs, minimizing risk and loss for customers to preserve their investment.



Cyber Defense

Cybersecurity continues to be top-of-mind for security personnel. An unauthorized user accessing the security network from an edge device is a nightmare scenario. United VMS gives customers peace of mind through its cyber-hardened features, which include a new password policy, unsecured camera blocking policy, load certificate mechanism, and secure communication between VMS service.

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